Wedding Video Tip 1

As wedding videographers we see many things on a wedding day that can help to give our couples an awesome wedding video. We have compiled a few tips to help couples. Many of them are obvious, and many people may only realise are important after being told.

A really big tip is to write your own vows. Be emotional, be funny, be yourself. Not only will your words, be remembered by your partner forever, but they will be immortalized in your wedding video. Imagine your Grandchildren watching your wedding video in 50 years and they can feel love that you have for each other as you say your vows! It’s such an important part of your ceremony so why not make them personal and unique like you are.

We understand that everything leading up to your wedding day can be chaotic, but an area that is clean and naturally lit will look so much better in your wedding video than a bathroom with unflattering lighting or the toilet in the background. Not only will your hair and makeup artist work better, your wedding video will also look better. At the prep forget that the cameras are rolling. Be natural, relax, have fun! It’s your wedding day after all. Sure your videographer and photographer may have to direct you at certain times to make sure that they get the best possible shot, but generally be yourself.

When your maid of honour exclaims how beautiful you are or when your Dad sees you and melts telling you how proud he is of you, we can’t use the audio in the wedding video if the radio is blaring in the background. These audio nuggets are what helps to express and convey emotion. Do you really need the music on?

Try and allocate a little extra time at the photography session for your videographer. We understand that sometime things don’t run to schedule and that’s ok, we are experienced to deal with situations like this but hey it’s always nice to have a little extra time up your sleeve.

All of these tips are good and well but lets face it, speeches are king. As the bride and groom it’s hard to control what other people are saying during their speech but you can make sure your speech is amazing. What ever you do, don’t google it!! Have real content. What is it that made you fall in love with your partner? What do you see your life together being like? Keep your list of thank yous short and sweet. We all know that its not traditional for the Bride or the Maid of Honour to have a speech but its becoming more and more popular, don’t be afraid to break down those barriers. But what ever you do, make sure you practice your speech and try not to “um” and “ah”. Be confident and know what you are saying so that you can look around and cherish watching your family and friends enjoy your speech.

The biggest and best tip that I can give you though would be to relax and enjoy your day. This is what will be reflected in your wedding video. It will reflect who you are and what you as a couple are about! Your wedding video will be something to look back on for years to come and remember how much you love each other!